Museum of the Future

One of Dubais most famous landmarks, the Museum of the Future (MOTF) takes pride of place along the citys superhighway, Sheikh Zayed Road. Founded by the Dubai Future Foundation and launched on 22 February 2022, the museum explores how society could evolve in the coming decades using science and technology.

Termed a living museum, it incorporates elements of traditional exhibitions, immersive theatre and themed attractions, so visitors can look beyond the present and towards the futures limitless possibilities. Furthering a global intellectual movement, its also the headquarters for the citys ‘Great Arab Minds’ initiative that aims to identify 1,000 exceptional Arab talents across key fields.

Location Highlights

Museum of the Future design and architecture

Designed as an asymmetric torus clad in steel and glass, the Museum of the Future has been recognised by National Geographic as one of 14 most beautiful museums in the world. Its a credit to architect Shaun Killa , who wanted the structure to represent Dubai’s vision of the future.